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Member Fees

2022 Dues, Maintenance, & Fee Structure

  • Application Fee - $250 (non-refundable)  - Applies to new members only
  • Bond - $500  (refundable upon redemption) - Applies to new members only
  • Annual Maintenance Fee - $350 
  • Annual Member Dues - $75 each family member
  • Children age 3 or under on June 1, 2023 are free


Payment in full is due April 15th of each year.  This means the payment envelope must be postmarked on or before April 15th, or payment remitted via the website on or before April 15th.

Members, at times, date their check before April 15 and mail it late. To reiterate, the postmark determines if the dues are paid on time.

  • Payments postmarked or submitted via the website between April 16 – May 1 will include a $50.00 Late Payment Fee.
  • Payments postmarked or submitted via the website between May 2nd - May 15th will include $100.00 Late Payment Fee.  ​​​​
  • Payments postmarked or submitted via the website on or after May 16th, or payments not received will result in a Bond assessment.  Your Bond will be assessed the $350.00 Maintenance Fee, plus the $100.00 Late Payment Penalty, for a total of assessment of $450.00.  Bond assessments result in forfeiture of the Bond and removal from the pool membership rolls.

Pricing subject to change without notice.


Children over 25 years of age:  Per the bylaws (Article VI, section 2) included on your bond may be dependent children up to the age of 25 years, with the exception of handicapped or disabled dependents.  After that they will need to purchase their own bond.  Those children over 25 years old with active bondholders as parents should add their name to the wait list.  Once on the wait list they can be moved to the top of the list as a legacy, meaning someone whose parents are active bondholders.



  • The number of houseguests will be limited to two individuals per season at $125 for each houseguest.  To qualify as a houseguest, the person or persons must be living with the bondholder for a substantial portion of the summer.  When adding a houseguest on your online registration, in the space provided state the time period the person will be residing in your home and the reason why the houseguest is living with the bondholder.  Houseguests are subject to board approval.  
  • The number of babysitters will be limited to two individuals per season, as well, at $125 for each babysitter.  When adding a babysitter on your online registration, include the babysitter's name and age and in the space provided list the description as babysitter.

Updated 1/17/23