Guest Pass Policy

  • Members may purchase guest pass cards for $60.00 each at the office.  One card is good for ten guest admissions.  
  • Individual guests are admitted only via a guest pass card, with the exception of pool parties as outlined below in the Pool Party Policy.
  • Payment for the guest pass card must be made with a check.  Cash will not be accepted.
  • Each bond holder may only purchase a maximum of 3 guest pass cards per season.  (This excludes parties.  See below.)
  • Local residents may not be admitted as guests more than five times each season.
  • Guest passes are non-refundable (in whole or in part).  Unused portions may be used from year to year.
  • Guest passes will be punched 2X for each guest for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. 
  • There will be no guests allowed for the 4th of July party due to the large member attendance.